The 2nd is For Everyone

The Next Diversity Shoot is on October 5th at 6pm

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 The 2nd is For Everyone : Diversity Shoot is a pro-2nd Amendment educational workshop aimed at informing new and current firearms owners in what they can do to grow and strengthen 2A rights. It is designed to welcome all people into the 2A community regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or financial status. We welcome all law-abidding people to come out and join the family.
It starts 6pm on Thursday, October 5th at Gun For Hire range with gift bags for all of the guest. New guest need to arrive early to complete range paperwork. All visitors that are going to shoot on the range need to pay the range fee of $10 at the retail area in the rear of the range before the event.
Speakers from various New Jersey 2nd Amendment groups discuss what they do to fight the states' civil rights infringing politicians and inform us on how we can help. Questions from attendees are welcome, we want informed 2A ambassadors leaving GFH after the event.
The 50 yard range is open to attendees after the raffles. You can bring your own firearms, shoot guns of other guest (with their permission) or use any of the 200 rental guns that Gun For Hire has available free of charge. You must purchase ammunition for the rental guns from Gun For Hire.
There will be NRA certified Instructors on hand to help and a range safety officer. This is a safe, fun and educational event for ALL PEOPLE, no bias, no prejudice. We welcome all.
Gun For Hire Range has reduced prices during this event so that guest can invite anyone that has shown an interest in firearms, shooting or wants to "try something new" to come out and get introduced to the American firearms tradition at as low of a cost as possible.